• Hosted Phone System
- Closely integrated with the GNS network
- No annual maintenance cost
- Fixed monthly recurring cost
- Lower start up cost
- Can grow or reduce business as needed
- Reduced obsolescence
- Most future features added at no
additional cost

  • SIP Trunks
- Internet phone lines for your existing
phone system or aggregation lines for
multiple locations
- More features and more advanced than
traditional phone lines

  • E.R.I.N. (Enhanced Routing
    Intelligent Network)
ERIN gives your organization complete
control over inbound calls for one or
multiple locations without installing a new
phone system.  ERIN can route calls to
different destinations or control who can
and cannot contact your company or
particular individuals.  These capabilities
can be programmed by inbound number,
time of day or day of the week.  ERIN can
map a specific client, phone number or
even area code to a designated individual,
department or group.  Since ERIN has no
borders, calls can terminate to any location.

  • Doc-On-Call
- Answering Service Alternative
- Reduce Patient Emergency Room Visits
- Advanced Notification & Routing System
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence
- Use your mobile phone as your cellular
or office phone with PBX functionality
- Automatically switch between the
cellular and work network depending
on your location.
- A single phone for business and
personal  use with the ability to
separate and distinguish call classes.

  • Managed IT Services
- Unified Threat Management
- Cyber Security
- Data & Voice Failover
- Managed Router Service
- Network Security
- Bandwidth & Network Monitoring
- Web Filtering
- Smart Device Management
- Cloud Computing
- Network Mapping & Design
- Spyware Protection and Removal
- Virus Protection Disk Drive Analysis
- Security Patch Management
- Monthly Management Reporting
- System Auditing

  • Internet Access
- Cable
- Ethernet-Over-Wireless
- Ethernet-Over-Copper
- T1/T3
- Fiber