Become Part Of The Team.
As a independent GNS Partner, you will train with other self motivated professionals to become the best in their fields.  Small or large, you
will have access to peers and resources to bid on any size opportunity.

Continuing Education
At GNS, learning and changing never ends.  GNS Partners train as a group 4 or more times per year.  In order to remain the best, training is
an important and essential part of the GNS relationship.  The vast knowledge gained empowers GNS Partners to offer their clients the best
standards and products available in the voice and data industry.

New To The Industry?
GNS is only successful if you achieve your entrepreneurial dream. You don’t need a lot of money to get started. All you need is a computer,
email address, cell phone number and business cards. We’ll due the rest by providing you with the appropriate structure, mentoring and
training to become a successful Partner.

Over 20 years and still going strong
Founded in 1993 and headquartered in West Bloomfield, Michigan, GNS is a state-of-the-art national provider of cyber security, managed IT
services, voice over internet, fixed mobile convergence and mobile integration.

We’re committed to a long-term relationship
When you become a GNS Partner, we commit time and resources to you for the long run. As we develop new products and open new
markets, you will continue to receive training and the support of GNS throughout the business relationship. As a GNS Partner you can be
sure that the we will always be on the cutting edge of the technology industry.

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Q2 2017
•        Opportunities In Cyber Security
•        Selling Multi-Location Services
•        Unified Communication IP-PBX
•        Deploying Integrated Networks - Voice, Data & Video
•        Cost Effective MPLS Alternatives

Q3 20
•        Network Security Certification
•        Building Redundant Systems & Protocols
•        Mobile Device Management

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