Global Network Solutions

The managers and owners of GNS have provided cybersecurity, voice and data services to  clients since 1992.  In 2007 a
complimentary range of IP products and services were adopted to provide commercial customers custom applications to
meet their business needs.

Todays advanced persistent cyber threats require a multi-layer approach which include prevention, detection and response.
GNS is provides best practices to help organization implement technologies and procedure the help avoid a breach.

not only offers standard VoIP service and systems, but also advanced applications such as call recording, call center,
call processing, inbound call redirection, call notification, video conferencing and IP video surveillance.  Supporting and
strengthening the product line,
GNS provides IT services necessary to ensure long-term network stability and business

Competitive Advantage

GNS is your equipment and service provider. As such, product and service integration is seamless which reduces the need
of multiple vendors for corporate moves, additions, changes or issue resolution.  

The owners, managers and staff of Global Network Solutions are experts in their fields. To ensure
GNS is always providing
innovative solutions and bringing new technologies to its clients, the technicians are paid to play.  Each technician is
required to spend at least 25% of their time playing with current and potentially new technologies that can benefit
end users.  This business philosophy, along with our redundancy capabilities, has allowed
GNS to surpass its competitors in
the ability to provide voice and data IP solutions.

Where Does GNS Shine?

GNS has extensive knowledge and experience in cybersecurity, multi-location integration and service failover.  We offer an
entire suite of redundancy options to meet different customer needs.  These options range from simple failover, where calls
are automatically routed to another site, to complete inbound & outbound failover, with notification, to keep all calls at a
specific location.
GNS can implement these services with new or existing systems.

What Drives GNS?

GNS is more than a small business with a group of co-workers.  We are a network of fathers, mothers, sons, daughters,
sisters and brothers.  Through flexible support and technology applications
GNS was built on the principles of family and
faith. The founder, President and CEO of
GNS, Draython Savoi, actively serves on various non-profit boards and volunteers
his time to help those in need.  He believes and encourages others to balance life with faith, family, work, helping and

Success is accomplished through collective cooperation.  Once achieved we should feel obligated to give back by helping
others reach their goals.